Nexus S vs. IPhone 3G

I switched from my IPhone 3G (two year sentence was up!) to a new Nexus S Android phone. First impressions:

– So much faster. Apple OS updates have crippled the previous speed of my 3G
– Email client searching actually works!
– Widgets, love them.  (Instead of opening the Facebook app, I can watch a real-time scroll of statuses)
– Contact shortcuts, love them.  (You can make a shortcut to a contact, which is great since I talk to 3 people 99% of the time)
– The voice command/control is AWESOME. While texting to my wife, I said “Holy Shit, I just said smileyface!” and it translated to: “Holy #### I just said :-)”
– The Android market blows compared to the ITunes store. It sucks in the following ways:
    1) No searchable web interface
    2) Too easy to scam people. Someone is selling $1 Angy Birds (wallpaper) and people are buying it thinking it is the game
    3) There are some apps I don’t see, and my EVO friend does, I think it is because I am running Gingerbread? But I don’t know.
– Maps / Car mode / Barcode scanning app / Camera, all BETTER
– Keyboard, WORSE. The elegance of the IPhone keyboard is gone. Lots of little things.
– “Menu” button.. not sure. I think I can get used to it, but who knows.
All together, I am very excited to be free of my IPhone and I think this new phone will make me more productive and less frustrated. As a side-note, I am left-handed and the Nexus S is clearly built of righties (and their fascist agenda). I wish a handset maker would create a symmetric phone with programmable buttons. 

Nexus S on AT&T

..the issue with using my old IPhone sim card in my new Nexus S is you don’t get the 3G network. The old Edge network is not bad, mainly because there is no one left using it, (my packets can hear their echos!) but we did a rudimentary, side-by-side test with an IPhone 4G, a Spring Samsung Epic (4g) and my new Nexus S on Edge. The edge came in last 🙁

I will be moving to T-Mobile next month solely for more bandwith.

Nexus S on AT&T

I impulsively purchased an unlocked Nexus S over lunch today. I slipped the sim card from my IPhone 3G right in and it worked. The question is, will I get 3G with this phone? There is a little E above my cell signal..