Sharepoint Lists

Tip: If there is a SQL or Server error while updating or inserting a list item, the email alerts still get sent successfully, even though the list item was not entered in to the database.

Tip #2: Check to make sure a field was not deleted without updating the form in InfoPath, that causes Sharepoint database errors.

Scripting Life With NFC Tags

My friend Eric purchased a pack of NFC tags from

They work by tapping your NFC capable phone to the back of the tag which then triggers a NFC application on your phone. I chose this one:
You then tell the app which actions to take for the given tag. When I get to work, I want my WiFi off, Bluetooth Off, and Ringer on Vibrate. You can also sent texts or emails, or even call a custom Tasker task.
The tag is sensed almost immediately. I stuck my office tag to the bottom of the tray where I put my phone. So far it works slick.

A bug in Google App Engine

..really more of an inconsistency between the actual engine and your development environment.

double num = 24.0;
String val = String.valueOf(num)


Output: 24.0

Output: 24
Keep Calm and Code On