Nexus S vs. IPhone 3G

I switched from my IPhone 3G (two year sentence was up!) to a new Nexus S Android phone. First impressions:

– So much faster. Apple OS updates have crippled the previous speed of my 3G
– Email client searching actually works!
– Widgets, love them.  (Instead of opening the Facebook app, I can watch a real-time scroll of statuses)
– Contact shortcuts, love them.  (You can make a shortcut to a contact, which is great since I talk to 3 people 99% of the time)
– The voice command/control is AWESOME. While texting to my wife, I said “Holy Shit, I just said smileyface!” and it translated to: “Holy #### I just said :-)”
– The Android market blows compared to the ITunes store. It sucks in the following ways:
    1) No searchable web interface
    2) Too easy to scam people. Someone is selling $1 Angy Birds (wallpaper) and people are buying it thinking it is the game
    3) There are some apps I don’t see, and my EVO friend does, I think it is because I am running Gingerbread? But I don’t know.
– Maps / Car mode / Barcode scanning app / Camera, all BETTER
– Keyboard, WORSE. The elegance of the IPhone keyboard is gone. Lots of little things.
– “Menu” button.. not sure. I think I can get used to it, but who knows.
All together, I am very excited to be free of my IPhone and I think this new phone will make me more productive and less frustrated. As a side-note, I am left-handed and the Nexus S is clearly built of righties (and their fascist agenda). I wish a handset maker would create a symmetric phone with programmable buttons. 

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