Android (Gingerbread) Weaknesses (4 months of usage)

I still love my Nexus S, but listing all the things I appreciate about it doesn’t help anyone. Here is my dislike list.
In ascending order of largest annoyance. 

1) Keyboard: I don’t know why exactly, but the iPhone keyboard is comfortable, and the Android keyboard sucks goat balls. I can’t just type away and assume it will correctly-correct (like the iPhone), which means my productivity goes way down.

2) Gallery: I have no control over what is displayed on the Gallery or not. It just pulls in everything from everywhere.
    a) If I have a locked folder in Picasa, still pulled in on my phone. Broken, what is the point of locking a Picasa folder?
    b) I should have the ability to lock folders on the phone. My kids use my phone for games, I don’t want them stumbling on my frat-house humor images.
3) Phone Ringing: I wish the vibrate feature was more violent. I don’t hear it 1/2 the time.
4) Folders: I should be able to long click in a folder to add a shortcut.
5) Camera: No zoom? What the hell?
6) Google Books: BOOKMARKS. Come on, that’s basic. I should be able to have multiple place-holders even.
7) Web Browser: Native Google Sync missing.